Goals & Objectıves

The overall aim of the project is to develop the skills/competences of unemployed youth in VR and RP, taking into account the needs of the industry. The goals to be achieved by the project are defined as follows:

  • To promote/teach innovative applications to youth on an international scale to increase their employability and help advance their careers,
  • To promote the integration of outputs of Industry 4.0 into the skills and competencies of young people at the international scale,
  • To develop adequate educational materials along with trainings for youth to allow them to develop innovative products,
  • To establish a standard training VR and RP training in EU countries,

The project addresses a critical need standard high tech Virtual Reality and Rapid Prototyping training for unemployed youth in Europe that will close the gap between theoretical education and the practical needs of the industry. It also aims to create a creative design and production experience with the integrated use of these two technologies. Thus, it encourages young people to increase their knowledge and skills by using new technologies.